Women-only social networks explained by a 13-year old

“Through sharing, we (women) find a common ground — inspiration, hope, meaning, and finally action.”

Ananya is an aspiring journalist and future leader!

SHEROES’ youngest community member, the wise Ananya, is an active participant in our buzzing Aspiring Writers community.

An 8th grader from Mohali, she’s also the youngest winner of our recent #SHEWrites Challenge along with Juggernaut Books.

In this powerful post by on our platform, Ananya beautifully sums up the connection between women’s progress and the pursuit of happiness, and a supportive ecosystem for women. Love these sentiments!
#Empathy #Trust #Safety
Ananya, you give us all hope, and we absolutely love your #TakeCharge attitude that epitomises the SHEROES spirit!

The SHEROES community platform is a women-only social network, designed to address the larger issue of gender disparity in India via constructive engagement. Join the community via Sheroes.com, or download the SHEROES app!

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