A Safe Space To Learn English

The unique “English Winglish” community on SHEROES is buzzing with conversations, confessions and dreams.

No judgement, just learning!

The name of this community, as you can guess, is inspired by that awesome Sridevi film about a homemaker who reinvents herself, in the face of snubs and jibes by her own family members.

Our own “English Winglish” community (with a W), is inspired by the thousands of community members who were keen to learn English without the fear of being judged. This community was launched by popular demand!

The learning itself is a fun journey, leveraging the power of conversations. Here’s a post from the community that received 158 responses in a matter of hours…

Each topic pushes women to open up about themselves — their dreams, their memories and tons more. And now community members are suggesting their own topics, too :)

The responses are never just about writing perfect English, but about sharing real experiences, and we get glimpses of what daily life is like for homemakers, stay-at-home moms, professionals and homepreneurs, from across the country.

There’s a certain sincerity in understanding mistakes and learning on the go…

Amidst these buzzing conversations, our content team also seeds some useful articles to encourage self-learning, and these are always trending in the community…

In a span of just a few months, the English Winglish community on SHEROES has grown to over 16,000 plus members. Community members are earnest, motivated and eager to learn, and this is all possible in a space where there’s no room for judgement and jibes.

This is also a space where there is no “teaching” in a traditional sense. There’s only facilitation and peer-to-peer learning in digital mode — all tenets of modern learning. How fascinating is that?


If you have a woman friend who’s looking to learn English, invite her to download the SHEROES app and join the community here. If you’re an English instructor, or are simply passionate about sharing your English language skills, you’re welcome to join the conversation, too.

The SHEROES community platform is a unique, women-only social network, designed to address the larger issue of gender disparity via constructive engagement on Sheroes.com and the SHEROES app.

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