Here’s what’s brewing at SHEROES ☕️

By Abhinav Goel, Product Manager

The team has been hard at work — introducing a series of improvements to make the app experience smoother for our users. Here’s what’s been brewing on the SHEROES app…

Discover interesting posts on your feed

With the latest release we rolled out a new feed algorithm, which brings a lot more flexibility and customisability to the feed — so that the content that is shown is tailored to what the user would be interested in. Users should find more engaging and relevant content on the feed than before, and varied types of cards on their feed. The feed is also much faster as we optimised it for faster image loading.

For all the champions using Apple devices 📱

Champions are an important part of the SHEROES community — they provide valuable insights into different spheres of life from which our users can learn and grow. Since a large number of our champions are using Apple devices, it was the right time for us to roll out the champion profiles on the web. The new profile displays the questions that have been posed by the community and the champion’s responses.

A smoother experience of adding your profile picture 👩🏽

Users can now easily add their profile picture from their profile in a couple of clicks — something that was not that simple before the release. We hope that we’ll be seeing a lot more faces to the names that we have so much begun to like.

Easily share content, create posts and find communities from other apps

We made a series of improvements to allow a seamless experience of navigating between SHEROES and other applications that our users love. Women can now directly share the content that they find interesting with their circle on SHEROES.

Users will now directly land on the content that they discovered on social platforms after they sign-up on the SHEROES app, while the on-boarding will be deferred till after the user has consumed the content that she came for.

To experience the latest features, get the latest version of the SHEROES app from the Google Play Store