Tag your community friends to make conversations more fun!

By Gagan Mahajan, Product Manager

Did you ever want to tag a SHEROES friend in a post to share your thoughts with them? If you reply to someone via a comment, would it not be great if that person gets a notification that you have replied to them?

Good news girls, now you can tag your followers and community owners in your posts and comments. Just type @ followed by the name of the person you wish to tag. The person you tag will get a notification on their app.

Type @ followed by a user’s name to tag her
Tagged users will receive a push notification. They will appear highlighted in the post
You can tag someone in a new post or in a comment on a post

SHEROES is a place for women to share their thoughts and get heard. With the same ideology in mind, we hope that the tagging feature will enable you to get heard by the people you want. Go ahead and start tagging!

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